Lewys Jones's Research


Hi I'm Lewys Jones, a post-doctoral research assistant in the group of Prof. Peter Nellist at the Department of Materials, University of Oxford.

My current research is based on three-dimensional techniques and applications of the scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM). As part of this a series of image analysis and processing codes have been written to inspect, restore and quantify atomic-resolution HAADF STEM data. These include compensation of scan-distortion and drift, automated scattering cross-section analysis and software aberration correction from STEM focal series.

Before this position I studied for a Masters in Materials Science and a PhD in Electron Microscopy at the University of Oxford. Previous projects I've worked on include testing and validating finite-element model performance for the high strain rate performance of foamed-ceramic components at the University of California - Santa Barbara, and development of novel heat treatments from first principle investigation of nucleation and phase change behaviours in 7xxx series aluminium alloys at the Tokyo Institute of Technology,

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