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This page contains details of the most recent Jitterbug version and its changelog as well as some addition technical details. Over time this page will also conatain any frequently asked questions not covered by the documentation.


Current Version

The most current version of the Ranger code is version 2.1.1, released on the 25th March 2013.

v2.1.1 Changelog

Major rebuilt with entirely new peak-finding engine:

  • Totally rebuilt peak-finding engine to give support for crystal images as well as nano-particles,
  • Significantly improved low signal-noise feature identification with fewer false-positives,
  • New 2D sub-pixel position refinement for higher precision results,
  • All new automation of search parameters including improved search end-point identification,
  • All new manual 'touch-up' dialouge windows for correction of any errors, and
  • Significantly improved online documentation.

Known Issues:

  • None in present release.

Supported File Types

  • Gatan Digital Micrograph - .dm3 .
  • Graphics Interchange Format - .gif .
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group - .jpg * .
  • MatLab Variable File - .mat .
  • Bitmap File - .bmp .
  • Text File - .txt .

* Note, using a lossey compressed format such as JPEGs are not reccomended as processing of compressed images will severly limit performance.
If using a MatLab .mat file, the file must contain only a single variable with the image as a m x n matrix.

Frequently Asked Questions:




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